The Indian government pondered over the role of private service providers in agriculture sector. Agro service provider can be said to be an agency which provides services with various inputs to the farmers at their places, at right time, in sufficient quantity with affordable prices and quality. Agro service providers play an important role in varied aspects of plant protection. At field level, when the farmers perceive any problem, they may approachagro-service providers for help. It is observed that the presence of agro-service providers has influenced the decision-making process of farmers. REV GREENis one such service provider offering a vast range of services to the farming community as well as the consumers. Its activities include those related to the sourcing of seeds, harvesting / thrashing, storage, packaging & labeling, cold storages, water treatment / softening plant, interaction with Govt. agencies, lifting of goods, goods clearance at the departure point and receiving at the importers end. It is also involved with export of the agric-products.
REV GREEN and its partners have helped hundreds of diversified agrarians improve their profitability with its Growing Farm Profits program. Now the REV GREEN training team has drilled down a little deeper into some of the recurring issues farmers face as they wrestle with profitability on their farms. We address following issues in programmesspecifically designed for agricultural professionals who help diversified agrarians in the country. All these programmes are offered physically as well as through webinars.