Dr. Rajaram Tripathi

RajaramTripathiwas born insmallvillage Kaknar in Jagdalpur of Bastar district in the state of Chhattisgarh on January 12, 1962. Being a meritorious student and having interest in various fields of knowledge. he took degrees in different disciplines as he did B.Sc., L.L.B, MA (Economics), MA (Hindi), MA (History), AyurvedRatna Allahabad U.P. &Ayurved “Bhishgacharya” from World Academy of Ayurved (WAA). However, coming from a family of experimentalist farmers, his heart was always there in farming.
He started his professional life as a rural banker with a Public Sector bank but quit it to devote his time to farming of Herbal Medicinal & Aromatic plants cultivation in Bastar, Chhattisgarh.
Shri Rajaram Tripathi is widely recognized to be in the forefront of progressive farmers in the country today. He has specialized in large scale cultivation of medicinal plants following purely organic practices. He has overseen the extension of his families’ agricultural holding to over 1000 acres in Bastar and Raipur Districts of Chhattisgarh.
He is also actively involved in Traditional Health Practice (THP), Traditional Health Therapy (THT) & documentation of Ethno-medico Practice (EMP) of Bison Horn Maria &Muria and Gond Tribes.
He has also done conservation and propagation of endangered species through Tissue Culture. Species like Guggul (Commiforawightii), Sarpgandha (RauwolfiaSerpentina), SafedMusli (ChlorophytumBorivillanum), Vacha (AcorusCalamus), AshokaIndica mentioned in Red Data Book are some species which have been saved.
Today ShriTripathi is a consultant and seeds provider to over 210 herbal farms covering over thousand acres on nineteen states of the country. He also runs a network for information training and cultivation, marketing and distribution of organically grown medicinal and aromatic plants that has more than twenty one thousand farmer members from all over the country.
He also involves in promotion of Organic Cultivation of Indian Medicinal and Aromatic Crops and Establishment of Ethno Medico Forest and Development & Generation of Employment Opportunities for Rural Youths through Herbal Farming & Marketing.
Always strive for Prosperity of the Farmers and Peace on the Planet by continuously providing the total solution for Hi-Profit Sustainable Organic Farming to conserve the Bio-Diversity of the Planet.
His mission is to make the agriculture sector a profitable business and Economic Welfare for the Farmers. Tripathi’s individual efforts have helped cultivators tap the vast market of herbs & medicinal plants.
Mr.Tripathi is also the President of “CHAMF India” registered by the Ministry of Agriculture Government of India, founder of SAMPDA Organization, CEO Founder of MaaDanteshwari Herbal Group, Secretary of Aromatic Plants Grower’s Association of India (APGA) formed by NHB/GOI and President of Vegetable Grower Assoc. Of India (C.G.) formed by NHB/Ministry of Agriculture (GOI).