COO's Message

“…..I shake hands with farmers with all my holy endeavors in name of REV GREEN with a vision of Total Development of their Agriculture for this Global Economy.”

There has always been this assertion that India is chiefly Agrarian economy and 70% of the population relies on it. However, the agriculture sector of India has never ever experienced professionalism. That is why I say that Agro sector of India is just born.
Small land-holdings, lack of scientific knowledge and illiteracy at micro level were the major issues of early Agro Economy in India. Government initiatives at macro level were not so fruitful and effective and as a result, Indian farmers witnessed only troublesome revolution rather than green revolution.
I recall words of SardarVallabhbhai Patel, “Only culture that I know is agriculture”. These words need be truly and honestly followed in coming decades by our Indian farmers.
Today world economy is changing fast andIndian Farmers are taking up a new role for the world. I believe that now is the time for Indian farmers, who genuinely contribute to make our nation green.
Dr.Raja Ram Tripathi,COO