REV GREEN is working under the mission of providing high quality services and facilities to the farmers and people engaged in the field of agriculture-based activities and industries. The company offers services in a wide range, from banking of agricultural produce to providing latest techniques and technology assistance, help in organizing cooperative and corporate farming, organic farming and marketing of produces, food processing and advisory services.

Dedicated to its customers’ needs, REV GREEN offers various suitable packages to them. Currently, it is engaged in organic farming on 708 acres of land.

It has found in a research that the Agriculture sector is still the most potent employment- generating segment in the country. Our country is very rich in bio as well as climatic diversity that could be tapped into being adequately beneficial in agriculture. There is likelihood of Indian contribution to world organic agricultural produce volumes getting increased. REV GREEN is working to realize such potentials and ensuring that agriculture segment’s contribution to the national GDP sees a substantial growth. It has planned to create a wide network of agro industries and non-traditional agriculture in the remote rural parts of the country.

Governing Body

Dr. Rajaram Tripathi   COO

Rajaram Tripathi was born in small village Kaknar in Jagdalpur of Bastar district in the state of Chhattisgarh on January 12, 1962.

Srirajesh, Founder & CMD

Born in a farming family Srirajesh is a multi-faceted person. Despite having attained a degree in medical discipline, he chose media as his profession.

Rajesh Kumar, Executive Director

Mr. Rajesh is an experienced marketer having worked with a number of leading multinational consumer brands for more than 14 years.

Rishiraj Tripathi   Director

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer, RishirajTripathi comes from a family of highly advanced agriculturists. His love for agriculture is natural.

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